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Health Insurance North Carolina Advice for New Teachers

01st September 2010
Hello friends! This is Roberta Lackey writing to you from the great state of North Carolina. As a second year teacher, I want to write to all you new teachers out there today about how to get a great health insurance North Carolina policy today. It is imp... Read >

Who Regulates Health Insurance Georgia Policies?

19th August 2010
Health insurance Georgia policies are regulated at both the state and federal level. In Georgia, the Georgia Office of Insurance and Safety Fire Commissioner who is John Oxendine at the current time is in charge of overseeing health insurance Georgia plan... Read >

Kaiser Permanente is a good Model for Health Care Reform

24th June 2010
Although the federal government, and some state governments, are busy planning and developing programs to handle the new health care regulations, no one is exactly sure how that is going to look. It may require a new business model for both the government... Read >